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Kimberly White

Founder and CEO

Kimberly White is the Founder and CEO of The Planetary Press, an independent online news source focused on sustainability, environmental advocacy, CSR, and climate change. She provides written news stories and podcasts centered around reporting on the solutions to our planet’s most significant challenges. She is an expert on the nexus of human rights and the environment. Her mission is to foster change and innovation by sharing solutions and highlighting the people worldwide who are fervently working to stabilize our climate, safeguard our natural resources, and ensure a healthy environment for future generations. In addition to her role at The Planetary Press, Kimberly serves as the USA Country Chair on Climate Action & Environment for the G100, an eminent and empowered group of powerful women leaders from across the globe with a vision for the future who are joined in a pact of purpose to create massive opportunities for women worldwide. She also serves as the Director of Membership & Programs for Project Green Schools, helping to inspire and develop the next generation of environmental leaders.
Kimberly has researched, taught, and written hundreds of articles about consumerism, business sustainability, environmental awareness, renewable energy, and the environmental and social externalities associated with agricultural production and trade. She has created presentations and webinars dealing with waste management and water conservation and helped to develop and oversee several international certification programs for working professionals on topics such as green business, climate change, and social entrepreneurship. She spearheaded a global summit featuring sustainability experts from around the world. Kimberly connects leaders from across the globe who drive change and innovation in environmental science, law and policy, global governance, and sustainable development.
Previously, she served as Global Program Director for the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce, where she led global program development and outreach. She served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Sea Turtle Preservation Society from 2016 to 2018. Kimberly received her Climate Reality Leadership training in 2017 and was named Co-Chair of The Climate Reality Project Central Florida Chapter. She is an Ambassador for The 5 Gyres Institute, advocating for sustainable alternatives to help combat the plastic pollution crisis. As of 2018, she is an Ambassador for SEE-Women, a Latin American movement that promotes gender equality and women empowerment.
She graduated with a Master of Science in Sustainable Development from SOAS University of London, where she gained expertise in sustainability, climate change adaptation, mitigation, food and water scarcity and security. She received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management at the University of Florida. Kimberly is currently working towards her Ph.D. from the University of London, where she hopes to contribute to a greater understanding of the complex relationship between agribusiness, ecocide, and human rights, as well as the social inequities linked to the environmental harms of the global agricultural sector.