Wednesday, December 1, 2021


In Common Home Conversations, you will hear high-level political and public figures, academics, and influential activists discuss what should be the content of the high-level Declaration foreseen for 2022. Our planet faces a myriad of catastrophic environmental challenges, from climate change to widespread biodiversity loss to desertification. The science is clear- the state of our global environment is rapidly deteriorating, highlighting the need for fundamental transformative changes across our legal, economic, social, political, and technological spheres. Thus, there is an urgent need to reach a common ground within civil society and, around it, build a Civil Society Declaration with the potential to be the needed starting point for a paradigm shift towards a safe and sustainable future for our global community. Common Home Conversations is the place to discuss the challenges posed by climate change as well as possible solutions to help create a stabilized Earth and ensure that the Civil Society 2022 Declaration can be a true gamechanger.


Show Notes


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