Written by: Stella Muzin

Healing Coral doesn’t want to save the planet, they want to heal with it. This initiative, officially launched in April of 2022, is not just talking about what they plan to do but actually taking action.

By creating ocean-based artworks and virtual reality education experiences, they are helping to induce interest across the globe. In our world today, coral reefs are being damaged in ways never seen before, such as pollution, overfishing, and climate change. But you can help from the comfort of your own home, invest and even have a significant profit.

Many people don’t associate the health of our planet with tech, but Healing Coral is doing quite the opposite- this is #Tech4Nature. For their first collection, Dib Hadra has designed gorgeous non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent society’s constant quest for a voice against oppression while also helping to save our planet.

NFTs are defined as a unique digital certificate registered in a blockchain that is used to record ownership of an asset such as a piece of artwork or a collectible. They come in different shapes and sizes and can ‘live’ on all different blockchains.

Owning an NFT is more than just a PDF. Owning one can come with many perks, including granting access to exclusive, real-life events, access to other popular projects, and even passive income through simply holding it. It is also important to acknowledge that NFTs cannot be falsified as they’re registered in a blockchain.

Another notable aspect of Healing Coral is that their NFTs are designed by artists interested in getting involved with the project. They believe that if we don’t change the way we relate with our planet, all the efforts for regeneration will be in vain.

A big part of the nature of humans is the belief that we have ownership of the world and that we can control the lives of other beings on our planet. If we keep thinking like this and keep justifying our actions, we will see that the planet we live on will start to respond to our unconscious actions.

So, when asked what they are trying to accomplish, the answer is simple. Healing Coral hopes to awaken people to the existence of our ocean and put a spotlight on its sickness in order for humans to start taking responsibility for their actions. Unless we change our actions now, generations following ours won’t get to know the same beautiful and healthy planet as we do. That is why they fund programs of restoration that have a huge impact on our community as well.

“Everything we do for this planet makes a difference, whether it is planting one new piece of coral or 1000, our work is not done yet,” they explain.

This is why they fund projects across Mesoamerica and the Caribbean while using artificial intelligence and spatial information systems to monitor water quality and the health of coral in our beautiful oceans.

You can become part of the reef through numerous ways. Whether you want to help align your business to regenerative practices, donate, or invest, Healing Coral can help you do that. Join!

For more information, please visit Healing Coral.

Stella Muzin is a journalist for the Lion’s Tale (CESJDS School) and a volunteer for the Healing Coral initiative.

Header Image Credit: Tam Minton/Unsplash