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Do you have a story idea? We welcome thoughtful, solutions-focused articles! At The Planetary Press, our mission is to report on the solutions to our planet’s greatest challenges. We aim to feature changemakers and sustainable solutions from around the globe that inspire others to make a measurable difference.

Submission Guidelines

  • Solutions-oriented: contributions must be solutions-focused. Solutions can range anywhere from individual actions to law and policymaking to corporate practice- it is going to take a multitude of solutions, big and small, to solve the challenges facing our planet. Solutions may be local or global in scale. Contributions must indicate the challenge and the proposed solution’s role in solving it. We prioritize content centered around actionable solutions to climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, and food insecurity.
  • Factual & Science-based: any sustainability claims must be factual and backed up by at least one reputable source.
  • Length: 500-2,500 words.
  • Referenced: References are required and may be hyperlinked or provided in a list at the end of the article.

We encourage you to read articles found on The Planetary Press for an understanding of the topics we cover before submitting. Publication is never guaranteed. Articles will be edited for accuracy, clarity, and length.

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