Written by: Kimberly White

Harley-Davidson is delivering groundbreaking technology and thrilling performance this year with it’s ‘LiveWire’ electric motorcycle. Deliveries will begin this fall, and you can preorder it now.

This high-performance, single-gear, ratio, clutchless, electric beast will launch you with the flick of a wrist from 0 to 60 in just 3.5 seconds! The range is estimated at 110 miles per charge.

You can connect to a standard outlet to charge overnight with its onboard charger or for a faster charge you can visit any public DC fast charge station and get from a 0% charge to 80% charge in about 40 minutes.

The motor and battery fit low in the frame which makes for better handling, control, and balance. It has regenerative braking which pushes electrons back into the battery making stopping easier. You just let go of the throttle and slow down. Using the H-D app, you can check on your bike’s battery charge status, location on a map and get security alerts if it’s been tampered with or moved.

The future is electric, and it’s not limited to cars!

Header image and video courtesy of Harley-Davidson