Written by: Kimberly White

Formula E is challenging traditional norms, raising awareness and inspiring change.

Image courtesy of FIA Formula E

The world’s fastest land animal, the cheetah and the Formula E car can both race to speeds of 0-100km/h in about three seconds. The cheetah is currently listed as vulnerable with population decreasing. There are only about 6,700 mature cheetahs left in the wild. They face the threat of habitat loss due to livestock farming and ranching which fragments their available range and prey. A changing climate exacerbates these factors. They still fall victim to trophy hunting and their cubs are sold through illegal trafficking.

To highlight the impact of climate change on an increasingly vulnerable species Formula E lined up side by side with the cheetah for a race!

Formula E is redefining the boundaries of motorsports by representing the future of racing entertainment. Formula E is breaking down the barriers to the EV market, innovating new technology in sustainable transportation and brings the ‘cool’ factor to fighting climate change.

Raising awareness can help change behavior patterns and inspire new solutions to the environmental, social and economic challenges we face today and in the future. Formula E is helping to pioneer the transition to sustainable mobility; and that change will benefit people, planet, and cheetahs too! Who do you think wins the race?

Watch the video and see!

Header Image and video are courtesty of FIA Formula E.