Our planet faces a myriad of catastrophic environmental challenges- climate change, widespread biodiversity loss, overexploitation of resources, air pollution, sea-level rise, extreme weather, desertification. The science is clear- the state of our global environment is deteriorating at an unprecedented rate.

In one of the few times in history, the prospects of future generations are far worse than they were for previous ones. Young people are in the streets and in courts to protest the stealing of their hopes, dreams, and futures.

Now more than ever, we need fundamental transformative changes across our legal, economic, social, political, and technological spheres. Rising to the challenges facing our global community can only happen by reaching an ambitious international agreement that recognizes the most vital common denominator – the system that supports life on Earth, of which we are all a part, that connects us all, and upon which we all depend.

It has been nearly 50 years since the historic 1972 Stockholm Conference. Now, a global coalition is calling upon UNEP and all Member States to drive a paradigm shift that recognizes the common ground upon which we can build a safe and sustainable future for human civilization. The Civil Society 2022 Declaration could be the needed starting point for that paradigm shift.

In Common Home Conversations Pathway to 2022, you will hear high-level political and public figures, academics, and influential activists discuss what should be the content of this crucial declaration.

Common Home Conversations is the place to discuss the challenges posed by climate change and possible solutions and ensure that the Civil Society 2022 Declaration can be a true gamechanger to help create a stabilized Earth.

Join us to be part of this important global conversation.