Written by: Green Diplomacy Staff

2023 ambitiously starts with the launch in January of the new blog “Green Diplomacy”: a forum for diplomatic action in international environmental law, where renowned jurists and practitioners provide diplomats with actionable legal proposals.

It is “a Blog by jurists for diplomats.” In the context of the challenges brought by climate change and the decline of biodiversity and in the wake of the recognition of the right to a healthy environment as a human right by the UN General Assembly, we believe that diplomats and other stakeholders will benefit from valuable inputs from the blog’s authors, including judges, renowned practitioners, and scholars (see the contributors).

The blog was created through a partnership of outstanding organizations and think tanks, composed of the IUCN WCEL, ICEL, the Global Pact Coalition, Common Home of Humanity, and the Club des Juristes. It is a continuation of a previous blog, which was initiated to prepare the Declaration adopted in 2022 at the United Nations Environment Assembly. It has now been expanded to include all issues related to “Green Diplomacy.”

The Advisory Board of the blog is chaired by Laurent Fabius, one of the “fathers” of the Paris Agreement, and includes such high-profile figures as Antonio Benjamin, David Boyd, Marie Jacobsson, Manuel Pulgar Vidal, Nicholas Robinson, Jeffrey Sachs, and Christina Voigt (see the members of the Advisory Board).

The blog aims to advance international environmental law and governance to meet the challenges of today. To that matter, through the Blog’s content and articles, diplomats will be provided with the best legal tools for their decision-making.

You can consult the blog’s website and follow us on our Twitter and Linkedin accounts.

Feel free to contact us at: contact@pathway2022declaration.org