Written by: Kimberly White

On April 1st, the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) announced that Jeffrey Hollender is stepping in as the organization’s new CEO.

Founded in 2009, the ASBC is a network of businesses and business associations in the United States that have committed themselves to business sustainability with a core focus on the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit.

Representing more than 250,000 businesses, the organization advocates for policy change that supports the transition to a sustainable economy at the state and federal level.

Hollender is the Co-Founder and former CEO of Seventh Generation, a brand of sustainable household and personal care products. Along with his wife and daughter, he founded Sustain Natural, a company that develops and markets sustainable feminine care products for women.

Hollender has nearly a decade of history with the ASBC as both a Co-Founder and Board Chair.

“The American Sustainable Business Council is the most important and exciting new initiative I’ve been involved with since I started Seventh Generation over 21 years ago. For America to once again become a land of justice and equity, hope, and possibility, progressive and responsible business needs a seat at the table as policy is shaped, rules are written and priorities set,” said Hollender.

“With Jeffrey on board in this critical role for our organization, ASBC’s prospects have never been brighter and we are poised for some incredible change, in driving public policy and market shifts in the areas of ‘High Road’ workplaces, climate change, sustainable packaging and a greener infrastructure,” said ASBC President and Co-Founder, David Levine. “Now more than ever the country needs an engaged business community to step up and be heard. Jeffrey is one of leaders that understand the benefits of transforming companies from the inside and the incredible importance of bringing that business voice and power into the public arena.”